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Employing and retaining experienced web design and development professionals can be a costly exercise. This is where ICT Total Solution can help make things a little easier for you. Let us supplement your existing team on a project-by-project basis so that you consistently have the right level of resource at your disposal for any size project.

Our cost, agility and quality of work will help in keeping your business competitive and flexible.

We can work as a true extension to your business and you’ll find our rates extremely attractive as we compete on both quality and price.

The ICT Total Solution team are highly skilled professionals and have many years of experience within the online development world and outsourcing industry.

Our quality combined with prompt and efficient service enables us to offer our global clients the advantages of professional web development and design at competitive rates.

There are many reasons why partnering with ICT Total Solution makes good business sense:

  • No office rent
  • No hardware or software expenses
  • No staff training, hiring or retention costs
  • Low cost
  • Higher level of flexibility
  • Access to experienced web designers and developers
  • Access to IT professionals
  • Customised web solutions at great value
  • Consistent quality

ICT Total Solution has a dedicated design and development centre based in India that provides web design and custom internet application development using ASP, ASP.NET, XML, PHP, JSP, Java and Flash. We have a wide range of experience in database engine design and development and use the very latest web development technologies.

You will not be disappointed in our quality of work, speed of service and overall agility. If you have one or two projects in the pipeline why not put us to the test right now!

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