Images of text instead of real text

Hospitality website’s must look attractive and work effectively with search engines. A talented web designer should be able to do both without too much compromise. Unfortunately, the web is littered with websites that look great, but are not recognised via the common search engines. At ICT Total Solution we understand your needs and we work hard to balance both breathtaking design with usability.  We can therefore help you to:

  • Attract guests
  • Represent your establishment  in a way that will attract more guests year-on-year
  • Get your website seen, so it can attract guests from far and wide

Search engines can bring you a large amount of visitors if your website can be found easily. They employ programs called "spiders" whose job it is to crawl along pages of the web and report back to the search engines. They perform three important tasks:

  • Read text
  • Report back what text has been found
  • Follow hyperlinks

Spiders aren't impressed by the visual part of your website. All they can see is text and links and thrive on words. Spiders can't read pictures of words. If the search engine has nothing useful recorded about your page, it won't get found by someone using the search engine to choose a B&B or hotel to visit.


  • Avoid all use of pictures of text on your website. If you already have pictures of words on your website, have them replaced with real text.

  • If you are considering hiring a designer or web promotion "specialist," examine some of their previous works. If they used any pictures of text, keep looking for someone else to promote your business.
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